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Post by Dayne on Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:03 pm

NOTE: This has nothing to do with IOU or the guild anymore. It has become too immense for me to expect people to want to participate on a spreadsheet (If you still want to, you can ask me, but it will be on an external document seperate from the Guild Encylopedia.) I will make a simplified version that just uses the character and put a single horizontal row of all of the guilds characters on a sheet on the spreadsheet, maybe the bottom of the memberlist. I'll update the row of members gear every few days as our guild's members get stronger.


GGEGCSMG? What could this convoluted acronym stand for you ask? Why the
Greek Gods Encyclopedia Guild Character Sheet Mini-Game!
(No longer on the Guild Encyclopedia or for the guild. If I get requests from guild members to change either of these things I will.)

Current Equipment Preview:

Release  Information:
Closed Alpha Release. Still testing everything. Post in this thread and ask if you want to help with testing. Will change this text in future.

Feel free to suggest any changes/additions/removals that you'd like. I'd love to shape the game to the participants preferences. The best place to do this would be this thread.

To-Do List:
- Something to use your equipment for! Monsters to fight? Dungeons to explore? GGEGCSMG levels to gain? I have no idea.
- 30/100 equipment pieces completed. (This number may be inaccurate if I forget to update it as I add new equipment.)
- 3/5 Achievement Icons completed. (25/30 Arena and All Challenges Done, 2/3 Ships Left) (Need to think of more, preferably 12.)
- More achievements in future and arena achievements will change to from 25/30 to 30/40/50 when new stages are released by Ray.
- Completely reorganize equipment displays and move all game sheets to their own document. (Done! 12/6/16)

Other Information:
Here is a link to the currently closed spreadsheet:

Things will be really ugly in there, that's why it's closed.

The name is a joke and a filler, if a cool name's suggested I'll change it to that.

Beta V0.1.0 - 12/10/15
This is the future.
- Alpha Prototype of World Map, First Two Zone Maps, Combat System, Experience and Levelling system and Statistics Distribution.
- Beta Release, estimated Public Release of Spreadsheet.
- Start creating HTML/Java port of game.

Alpha V0.0.9 - 12/9/15
This is the future.
- 10 more equipment pieces. (Crystal Set)
- Finalize Alpha Prototype of Combat System.
- Start creating statistics, experience and levelling systems.

Alpha V0.0.8 - 12/8/15
This is the future.
- 10 more equipment pieces. (Carbonite Set)
- Finalize Alpha Prototype of Zone Maps.
- Start creating Alpha Prototype of Combat Engine.

Alpha V0.0.7 - 12/7/15
This is the future.
- 10 more equipment pieces. (Steel Set)
- Finalize Alpha Prototype of World Map.
- Start creating zone maps.

Alpha V0.0.6 - 12/6/15
- All sheets relating to GGEGCSMG removed from Guild Encyclopedia.
- Character sheet remade and extended.
--- Combined equipment icons into one image joined with the character display.
--- Added 'Statistics' and 'Achievements' display. (3 Total Images)
- 10 more equipment pieces. (Tin Set)
- Started creating world map.
- Investigating options from porting out of a spreadsheet.

Image Preview @ Current Stage:

Alpha V0.0.5 - 12/5/15
- Epic amounts of theory crafting done, heaps of cool ideas that seem implementable.
- Decided that at this point the only polite thing to do is to move all of the sheets to a separate document for my personal use, and people can choose to use it if they so please. (I haven't done this yet, but I will do it ASAP, sorry.)
- Will probably leave a single sheet that has a few Character Sheets as a preview with a link to the other document on a Sheet of the Guild Encyclopedia, if everybody is okay with that.

Image Preview @ Current Stage:

Alpha V0.0.4 - 12/4/15
- A bunch of formatting changes.
- 10 equipment pieces done. (Stone Set Done)

Alpha V0.0.3 - 12/3/15
- Equipment Tiers semi-finalized.
- 10 equipment pieces complete. (Wooden Set Done)

Alpha V0.0.2 - 12/2/15
- Tiers prototyped.
- Some formatting changes.

Alpha V0.0.1 - 12/1/15
- Basic idea stolen from Ragekai of Click Heroes. (They had a picture of it posted in their recruitment thread, but removed it immediately after finding out I was intending to improve and use the idea.)
- Concept vastly improved.
- Prototype Alpha Template created.

Prototype Theory Crafting:
Moved to PasteBin
Squire Secundus

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Post by AstrallyMundane on Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:09 am

I want the game xD
Page Tertius
Page Tertius

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Post by Dayne on Fri Dec 11, 2015 12:15 pm

Yeah sorry about that, kinda stalled development cause of the christmas season, I have half completed the next two sets (Steel/Carbonite) and shouldn't need much more to to release the playable version.

Also people seem quite willing to fill out the extra cells on the member list, so I'm pretty sure even if players don't play I will generate a character with gear for every manner and make a ~40-60px high horizontal banner of all of the guild members that goes across the top of the Member List.

I'll remove it if people think it gets in the way or whatever.
Squire Secundus

Posts : 26
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Age : 25
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