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Remember to show the Guild Spreadsheet love.

Please update your row on the memberlist at least once per week.

A link to it is also in the thread stickied at the top of the 'Announcements & Information'.

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If you haven't already, introduce yourself in the thread:

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Remember to have fun as well!

New Member Orientation Post - Recruits, Read This!

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New Member Orientation Post - Recruits, Read This! Empty New Member Orientation Post - Recruits, Read This!

Post by Dayne on Wed Dec 09, 2015 6:45 pm

Welcome to the Titanomachy!

Here's a handy list of our resources and some other highlights for new recruits:

The Guild Encyclopedia: Updating your row (of cells with green column headers) on the Member List (Sheet ML) Sheet at least once per week is compulsory. Everything else is optional and just to help the guild advance faster You'll need a Google Spreadsheets Email to access the spreadsheet, post that in this thread or contact staff with your email address if you want it Privately Filled. Sheet IX is your friend!

Parties Sub-Category: If you're looking for a party post the request in as a new thread in this category, guild members looking for people to join their party can check here to before trying to find other players for replacements. Make sure you read this thread first before posting a thread so you know the correct format. Let DayneK know your party information! (Me) I haunt the in-game guild chat and Room #2 most days.

Introduce Yourself: Head over a drop a reply to our introductions thread, most of our members have already. Have a skim through for an easy way to get to know everybody in the guild!

IOU Multicalc 1.5j (Created by Zilla): This optimizer is linked on the Guild Spreadsheet, but I think that it's nice enough that I ought to mention it here, for anybody that wants but hasn't already found a full-game optimizer.

There's a lot there, but just remember the only compulsory thing is to update your row of the Member List at least once per week!

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