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Looking for a party?

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Looking for a party? Empty Looking for a party?

Post by Dayne on Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:04 am

Post a new thread in this category!

Copy and paste and use the code sections.

Thread Title Format:
IOU IGN - Level: xxx - DPS: xxx

Post Format:
[b]Hours Active:[/b]
[b]Current Party:[/b]
[b]Requested Party:[/b]

Post Format Explanation:
Hours Active: xx/24 (Hours you're logged on average per day)
Current Party: (Total DPS of the other three people in your current party of randoms, if applicable)
Requested Party: x Team (Party that you'd like to join if you are able to, if applicable.)
Companions: (The DPS of anybody that wants to stay with you, if applicable.)
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