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Necrofear looking for a perma party. Like a perma, PERMA party!

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Necrofear looking for a perma party. Like a perma, PERMA party! Empty Necrofear looking for a perma party. Like a perma, PERMA party!

Post by Necrofear on Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:28 pm

Time for a perma party that 'll stay!

IGN: Necrofear
KGN: aris1009
GMT: +2

As of 23rd of December, 2015, my stats are the following:

Lvl: 249                            DPS: 1,1m                            Total Cards: 49k
Online Hrs: 24/5 + 6/2      Support lvl: 5

Click me!:

  • DPS: 800k+
  • Online Hrs: Nearly same as mine, I don't mind if it's less that much.
  • You must have Double Drop Card Buff active all the time. Plan ahead so you don't run out.
  • You must update your cards in the appropriate party sheet in Guild Encylcopedia at least every 4 days.
    I updated the D/C optimizer. It utilizes IOU console command "/cards"
    You just have to copy-paste your cards from now on!
  • You must set Allow Joins to Off, for random people and guildies, since this is a perma party, duh!  Smile
  • Absolutely no kicks from the party, as long as every party member sticks to their online time or has left a prior notice.
  • You have to comply with the steps mentioned below to get everyone on equal footing.

Steps to solidify the party:
Click Me!:

  1. Make sure everyone has reached the 100 cards milestone on all planet lvls, except bosses. We will coordinate according to the party sheet.
  2. After 100-card milestone, we move on the optimal planet level according to party sheet.
  3. In order to change current planet level, whoever changes it has to type in chat the planet level and damage gained per card, found in party sheet.
    Chat will look like this, eg: "Necrofear: 10.32 for 11.981 D/C", meaning Necrofear changed to Kappa 32, and every card dropped adds 11.981 overall damage to the party.
    This way we will know:

    • Who changed planet level
    • What time he changed it, and how much time we farm this level.
    • What is the damage gained per card dropped for the new level.
    • If someone is a naughty care-bear, hehehe  Twisted Evil

Goals of the party:
Click me!:

The goal of the party will be mainly leveling. That means we farm the highest inferno tier we can with 6 seconds kill time.

During events that have x2 card drops (x4 with the buff that costs 250 diamonds), we shift focus to card farming. Lowest inferno tier we can 2-shot together.

Note to every applicant:

   I am a completely free-to-play player. So far, I have not spent a single dime on the game, and will not do so in the future too. I expect from my party buddies a progression rate near mine!
   Also, being active (skill and clicking) is highly encouraged, but not necessary. With the new challenge series patch, IOU took an active turn, reintroducing features that were underpowered for far too long, such as Active Clicking Damage and Challenge Damage orbs.

Special Edit Area:

25 Dec 2015: Updated party card optimizer with console command /cards for easier use. It takes literally 30 seconds to update your cards now.
23 Dec 2015: Here I will mention every edit that changes the contents of this post.
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