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Guild Targets for 2016

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Guild Targets for 2016 Empty Guild Targets for 2016

Post by Dayne on Sun Dec 27, 2015 6:27 pm

Guild Targets:
Legend: Date: Level Target, Rank Target, DPS Target, | (Stone Contribution Goal) Building Levels |
January 01, 2016: Min. Level 250+ (), Top 26+ (), Min. 0.8 million+ DPS (), | (09.0m Stone) 16/13/13/14/14 () |
January 07, 2016: Min. Level 255+ (), Top 25+ (). Min. 1.2 million+ DPS (_), | (09.0m Stone) 16/13/14/14/15 () |
January 14, 2016: Min. Level 260+ (), Top 24+ (_). Min. 1.8 million+ DPS (_), | (12.0m Stone) 17/13/14/15/15 (_) |
January 21, 2016: Min. Level 268+ (_), Top 23+ (_). Min. 2.4 million+ DPS (_), | (10.5m Stone) 18/13/14/15/15 (_) |
January 28, 2016: Min. Level 275+ (_), Top 22+ (_). Min. 3.2 million+ DPS (_), | (11.5m Stone) 19/14/14/15/16 (_) |
February 4, 2016: Min. Level 280+ (_), Top 21+ (_). Min. 4.0 million+ DPS (_), | (11.5m Stone) 19/14/14/15/16 (_) |

Also, can everybody please max Auto Crit Chance, Auto Crit Multiplier, Auto Double Attack, Click Crit Change, Click Crit Multiplier and Click Double Attack so I can remove the columns from the memberlist, also a little bit of extra IOU.


Hey guys! Our growth and improvement over the last few weeks has been truly amazing! Check out the graph Guild/Rank Stats Sheet of The Guild Encyclopedia for a pretty graph showing this.

I've decided to set some dates and targets for us, I'm not saying that we have to hit these targets, I just think that we could if we tried and they're some admirable targets. Razz I'm not 100% sure the numbers are the best, but I thought it'd be fun to estimate our progress and try and keep up with the estimate. I've tried to be conservative, but also give an idea of our true potential. Don't worry too much if you're not able to keep up, I may have overestimated a little, but of course, do try anyway! Very Happy

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Guild Targets for 2016 Empty Re: Guild Targets for 2016

Post by Necrofear on Sun Jan 03, 2016 8:53 am

I have to commend everyone on the effort you have put so far!
We have already beat goals far ahead in the schedule and will continue doing so,
as we valiantly sprint past rank #15 in the next couple months!

Thanks to you, guys, our guild has an unstoppable, ever-growing expansion!

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Guild Targets for 2016 Dionys11
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